Case Studies


Palladium Recovery From Plating Wastes

Leading Precious Metal Refiner, United Kingdom Palladium is used in the electronics, automative, dental, jewellry and chemical industries. Palladium is used extensively in the manufacture of semiconductors utilising electroless plating techniques. The development of methods for plating Palladium and Platinum has grown alongside rapid technological growth in the electronics industry. In particular the communication industry […]

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Consulting and Project Delivery

Project Partners – Various Consulting and Project Delivery In addition to the proprietary technologies delivered by Efftech, the Company is actively involved in assisting Clients in non proprietary environmental protection systems design and construction. Project Management and scientific skills possessed in house permit the evaluation of environmental compliance requirements, waste minimisation strategies, recycling opportunities and […]

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Silver Plating Dragout Recovery using RenoCell

Metals used for plating are costly metals having superior qualities like nickel, cadmium, platinum, gold, silver, chromium etc. It has been reported that out of the total amount of these metals used in electroplating, 4% goes as waste in sludge spent wash, electroplating solutions etc. It is a necessity that these costly metals be recovered […]

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Cadmium Recovery from Biomass Ash

Project Partner: 4Envi ApSĀ  Arden, Denmark Efftech Ltd are a project partner to project holder 4Envi ApS. The project is currently being constructed at Arden in Denmark and designed to recycle fly ash produced from biomass power stations. The project has benefitted from Innovation funding from Fornyelsesfonden, the fund aims to promote green restructuring and […]

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Unidragmet BGU Silver Extraction 1

Silver Recovery with RenoCell Technology

Unidragmet BGU, UE, Minsk, Belarus There are several reasons to be interested in the recovery of silver from photoprocessing waste. Silver is a valuable natural resource of finite supply, it has monetary value as a recovered commodity, and it’s release into the environment is strictly regulated. In photoprocessing, silver compounds are the basic light-sensitive material […]

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