• The solutions we devise are sustainable, ensuring that clients meet environmental regulations and stake holder obligations.
  • Our solutions are strongly cost-driven, usually with potential substantial savings, compared to existing waste management arrangements.
  • We look for opportunities to not only reduce costs, but generate additional revenues, for example, by transforming waste into usable energy or saleable products.

Efftech Delivery

Effluent Evaluation

We receive a client’s chemical analysis or alternatively, we can take samples and arrange analysis.

A suitable treatment process will then be devised and recommendations made, including a preliminary cost/benefit statement.

Pilot Treatment Trials

Given acceptance of our proposals, bench trials will be undertaken to demonstrate feasibility.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to develop a pilot plant as an intermediate stage in order to prove the scale of operational capacity required.

Complete Solutions Design

We will then design a full-scale plant to suit a specific installation location. This will take into account surrounding facilities and ensure full integration with related processes.

Project Management

We are able to operate in a turn-key capacity, taking responsibility for the complete design, build / install, and commissioning process.

Alternatively, we are happy to provide designs for clients to self-build, install and commission.

On-going Support

Efftech offers process monitoring equipment to provide performance and compliance data, either for immediate quality control purposes or historical evidence.

We can supply manually-interrogated units that automate the process of taking readings.

Alternatively, we can install more sophisticated remote monitoring systems using wireless technology. With these systems we are able to support clients by acting in a supervision capacity.

Efftech can advise on the selection of treatment chemicals, obtain quotes direct from manufacturers based on our scale of purchase, and provide a single point of contact for such requirements.