Cadmium Recovery from Biomass Ash

Project Partner: 4Envi ApSĀ  Arden, Denmark

Efftech Ltd are a project partner to project holder 4Envi ApS. The project is currently being constructed at Arden in Denmark and designed to recycle fly ash produced from biomass power stations. The project has benefitted from Innovation funding from Fornyelsesfonden, the fund aims to promote green restructuring and industrial innovation in Danish enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. Funding covers products, services and processes that are energy saving, reduce environmental impacts or remedy environmental problems.

The project involves an ash cleaning process that removes usable products from biomass ash produced by biomass power stations. The innovative process produces a nutrient rich liquid fertiliser and salt solution that will be utilised for de-icing. Heavy metals are liberated from the ash during this process, particularly Cadmium, Efftech Ltd successfully remove heavy metals from the process which will ultimately be recycled.

In the years ahead more power will be produced from biomass-fired plants. In 2020, the EU is expected to be burning approx. 300 million. tons of biomass. This path finding project is expected to be repeated throughout the EU by biomass energy companies. Further development work is now being done and it is expected that ash from wood burning power stations and ash from municipal waste incineration (APCR) can also utilise this process.

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