Palladium Recovery From Plating Wastes

Leading Precious Metal Refiner, United Kingdom

Palladium is used in the electronics, automative, dental, jewellry and chemical industries.

Palladium is used extensively in the manufacture of semiconductors utilising electroless plating techniques. The development of methods for plating Palladium and Platinum has grown alongside rapid technological growth in the electronics industry. In particular the communication industry that has developed a large requirement for electroless Palladium plating. Palladium plating yields uniform deposits on minute integrated circuitry made of intricate design and provides stable contact surfaces for conductors which operate at elevated temperatures. Palladium coating is useful as a substitute for Gold coating and also as diffusion barrier layers between Gold coating and Copper or Silver substrate in the electronics industry.

The electroless Palladium process can cause a high degree of instability in the deposition bath, once the solution becomes unstable it is then treated as a waste material. RenoCell technology has been selected by a leading UK precious metal refiner to recover virtually 100% of the remaining Palladium from this type of waste and waste from more conventional palladium plating processes. RenoCell removes the Palladium as a metal cost effectively and cleanly.

Images show the full size plant and a Palladium laden test scale cathode cartridge.