Consultancy and laboratory services

Consultancy and Advice

For the treatment of effluents our starting point is to obtain a diagnosis of the particular waste products under consideration. Where required, we can arrange for samples to be analysed.

From that diagnosis we are able to devise a solution, provide advice and recommendations, usually with a preliminary indication of costs and benefits.

Clients gain from our vast experience of delivering solutions to many different effluent problems across a wide range of industries.

In particular, we apply latest technology to resolve what are often very intractable problems where a viable / sustainable solution does not currently exist. In this way, we are pleased to get involved in circumstances where others may have been unable to find an acceptable answer.

Laboratory Services

Once an effluent process has been installed there can be a requirement to monitor the chemical condition of constituent fluids in order to demonstrate satisfactory performance, and to periodically refresh treatment additives.

While routine analytical services can be obtained from sub-contract providers, clients may find it more cost effective to install their own mini-laboratory, designating in-house staff to undertake the necessary sample testing / reporting regime.

Efftech is able to specify, quote, and demonstrate the commercial good sense of such facilities. We can then go on to install, commission and train staff as required.