Energy production from Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

In the anaerobic process, organic material in sludge is biologically converted to methane and carbon dioxide. The process is carried out in an airtight reactor with the organic substrate being introduced as a continuous process. These systems are known as ‘high rate digesters’ and are characterised by the fact that they are kept at elevated temperatures to optimise the action of the micro organisms within.

Until recently, anaerobic digestion projects have been restricted to large scale undertakings. However, in recent years there has been a remarkable combination of technical, political and regulatory factors that have propelled smaller Anaerobic Digestion projects forward in to the mainstream. Some of these factors are:-

Rising oil prices. Traditional energy sources have now become extremely expensive.

Organic waste must be diverted from landfill. This is the result of the EU Landfill Directive and Anaerobic Digestion is an excellent technology for organic waste landfill diversion.

The demand for new sustainable technologies.

Rising demand for renewable fuels and bio-energy. This includes government targets and incentives for Anaerobic Digestion.

Carbon emission reductions are achieved in carbon neutral, and carbon negative projects such as Anaerobic Digestion.

Micro Anaerobic Digestion (Micro AD)

Anaerobic Digestion provided as a packaged process using Micro AD technology is a new market concept that delivers many advantages.

Investment in Micro AD plant can be justified on lower organic waste volumes, enabling institutions (i.e. non-domestic users) involved in food preparation and delivery to pre-treat food waste on site.

As a by-product, heat and power can be generated for local use. Also, end volumes requiring transport to centralised processing and recycling facilities will be much reduced.

Micro AD packages can be designed that are easy to relocate and the civil engineering requirement is minimal.

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