Industrial effluent treatment

Effluent from industrial processes varies greatly, with different industry sectors each having their own particular issues. Designing treatment solutions involves evaluating almost an unlimited combination of:

  • Suspended colloidal mineral or organic solids
  • Dissolved minerals
  • Process chemicals
  • High levels of acidity or alkalinity
  • Toxic materials
  • Pathogenic bacteria

Thus, for the vast majority of industrial effluent treatment projects there is no “one size fits all” process. Each set of circumstances requires sound analysis from which a solution can then be determined.

Whilst the purchasing of proprietary, packaged solutions offers the attraction of an up-front price tag, there is always a risk that a pre-determined solution will not in practice adequately handle the particular set of physical and chemical circumstances in question.

Efftech prefers to work with clients and develop a bespoke solution. We take pride in providing a diligent approach when dealing with challenging effluent treatment issues. Our tried and tested combination of rigorous initial diagnosis and bench testing of solutions ensures that our clients are not asked to commit to a full-scale project until results can be assured.

Whilst environmental pollution control of effluent treatment is of primary concern, wherever possible, Efftech always seeks to recover useful material or energy from any waste stream prior to disposal. In this way, process sustainability is increased and treatment costs partially or fully offset. The recovery of metals from effluent is an obvious example of this.

Efftech operates in many locations around the world and across many industrial sectors. Recent projects include:-

  • Pilot trials on cadmium removal from biomass power station ash – Scandinavia
  • Removal of nickel from electroless nickel plating waste – UK
  • Recovery of silver from aeronautical plating – UK
  • Recovery of platinum group metals from waste electronic parts – France
  • Treatment of landfill leachate – UK