Monitoring equipment

Monitoring liquid levels and liquid flow

Clients find it convenient and highly cost-effective to install on site an Efftech Condition Monitor hard-wired to an appropriate sensor. This enables a responsible technician to save time on site by quickly taking and recording a reading, thereby avoiding the need to use depth probes or manual flow meters which can be slow and inaccurate.

The monitoring of liquid levels, pH, liquid flow and temperatures are our most asked for applications, but we are able to monitor other conditions as well.

An Efftech Condition Monitor has the following product features:

  • Monitors liquid depth (accuracy +/- 5mm), flow rates and totalised flow volumes
  • LCD digital display
  • Straightforward “press and read” technology
  • Solar powered rechargeable 12v battery system
  • If required, can be networked to central display point using licence-free Radio Frequency (RF) communications (see below).

Remote wireless monitoring

In circumstances where clients require the facility to remotely monitor conditions, without needing to visit site, Efftech is able to install wireless-based systems with varying degrees of sophistication, including multi-site data logging.

We are able to install systems with a remote base station that facilitates interrogation by mobile phone, lap top or PC. It is possible to receive alerts when pre-set parameters are exceeded, also to override and re-set parameters remotely.

Our systems can be linked to data storage and archiving facilities so that the process of logging data histories for compliance purposes is automated.

Such systems have traditionally been relatively expensive, but Efftech has access to new technology that is highly cost-effective and enables such investments to be more readily justified.

For further information please see our data sheet