Supply of treatment chemicals

Efftech supports its own and other effluent treatment technologies, using our extensive experience and design knowledge to identify and supply the most effective chemical products.

Based on our market position and technical know how we can assemble packages of chemicals so that our customers don’t have to deal with multiple sources. Whether it be a tankered, IBC or carboy supply requirement we always endeavour to get the best available, single order point procurement option.

We continually test the market to get the best prices, and are also alert to newly developed products in order to give our customers the best treatment solution. An example of this is our continued introduction of Effmag 60 as a superior substitute for caustic soda or lime.

Effmag 60

Many metal treatment processes produce acidic waste streams, which have to be neutralised before discharge, to meet pH and metal consents.  Traditionally, caustic soda and lime have been used, but these materials are difficult and dangerous to handle, and often create other environmental problems.

The viability of using magnesium hydroxide as a safe, cost-effective alternative alkali has now been recognized. Effmag 60 is a stable, easy-to-use suspension and Effmag 60 is now being used for pH correction and metal precipitation in a wide range of effluent treatment applications.

For further information on Effmag 60 please go to our download section

Biological Treatment Optimisation

Efftech supports its customers with chemical supply packages in the waste management, food processing, drinks, and many other industrial sectors. Efftech has particular expertise in optimising biological treatment processes, particularly sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR), and has developed a range of chemical additives that combats the range of treatment issues that can develop on these plants.

Examples of Chemicals supplied by Efftech are as follows, please Contact us through the web link if you require further information.