Electrochemical metal extraction and recovery

Metal recovery through electrochemical deposition

Metal recovery through electrochemical deposition is well-established and widely used in many forms throughout the electronics and metal plating industries.

Efftech has successfully expanded the application of electrochemical deposition with its patented DIVIDED CELL technology; Dividers are used to separate the cathode from the anode creating an electrochemical reactor for advanced applications. Dividers are used when anode reactions must be controlled, (e.g. fluorides), control undesirable reactions (e.g. iron “shuffle”), control impact of anodic reactants (oxygen).

Electrochemical deposition has become increasingly popular, displacing older technologies – such as precipitation, ion exchange and membrane separation. These conventional systems have become ever larger, more complex and costly in order to meet increasingly stringent regulations.


RenoCell is the world’s most efficient and highest performance electrolytic cell, able to extract much smaller particles from a flowing liquid.

A metal-bearing process stream is electrolytically stripped of dissolved metal ions as it passes through a RenoCell. The metal ions are deposited as solid metal onto a specialized, high surface area carbon cathode. If valuable metals are being extracted these can be recovered using a furnace process to burn-off the cathode.

RenoCells are compact and modular, based on a unique technology that utilizes a patented three-dimensional cathode design, able to reduce metal concentrations in process and waste water to sub-ppm range at the lowest cost of ownership.

The process has the added advantage of not creating hazardous sludges, which are extremely costly to dispose of. The efficiency of this technology allows very dilute sources of waste to be effectively processed.

A RenoCell Modular System consists of a RenoCell, DC power supply and auxiliary equipment.

The RenoCell is manufactured in three sizes M250 and M250D, M500 and M500D, and M1000.

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Leases only available in the United Kingdom.

Efftech is the authorized distributor and systems integrator of RenoCell metal recovery systems for the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Efftech Limited is now the authorized Technical Partner to Renovare Inc for the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.  As a Technical Partner, Efftech are RenoCell experts and are performing many application integrations of RenoCell® technology-based systems. Efftech delivers superior, low-cost, high-performance solutions, and ongoing service and support for a variety of applications in precious metal recovery, metal plating, process and wastewater treatment systems in industrial, environmental, mining, and bio-fuel industries.